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Critical thinking

If you require a critical thinking papers, you need to know special rules in making an introduction, body, and conclusion. Check the following guide to know more about this task.

What Is a Critical Thinking Paper?

If you have a task to prepare thought paper it means a comprehensive essay for testing your analytical opportunities. This paper is popular among teachers because it allows checking critical thinking and other important skills. It belongs to classic assignments that students should perform during their education.

So the purpose of critical thinking paper format is to find out both the positive and negative sides of the subject. Such an aim is possible in all types of science, including arts, medicine, journalism, etc. Student needs to use his logic and critical skills during making research. The final summary of his work will be a critical essay.

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Critical Thinking Paper Writing Step-by-Step

Your thought paper requires a lot of rules to be obtained. If you can make it, you will increase the quality of the essay and chances for the best grade. There is a good guide which can help even newbies to perform the good paper. Of course, the final result depends on your skills and knowledge, but such advice will definitely help.

This step-by-step instruction is quite short but includes the most essential help for students. Here are the main steps you should execute.

Define a Central Problem or Argument

To pick up the main agreement is an important step in preparation for writing a critical essay. If you study at any kind of educational establishment (such as college, university, etc), your tutor may give you a task based on scientific or social content. Usually, students face different articles, essays, books, points of view, comments, etc. That's why there is no need to seek for the topic on your own as usual. But in case you need to pick a title according to own taste, you have to choose only an interesting one for both you and your teacher. At the same time keep under control the relevance of the topic to your subject and discipline. After getting a good topic you can start preparing for writing.

Piece Together All Points and Update to Existing Knowledge

Your critical essay will contain your personal knowledge, but you should focus all your attention on the available information. So start to collect facts, statistics, and other useful data which is already known for the worldwide audience. Such information will be the base for your critical thinking assignments.

You also need to use a special question, like why, what, when, how, etc. These questions will help to understand your subject deeply. In case your task includes a reflection on the exact text, you should start with its reading from the beginning to the end. Don't forget to make notes and arrange your comments about the topic.

Write a Thesis Statement

This is an essential stage in writing an academic paper, so students can't ignore the importance of these several sentences. Thesis statements are not general sentences, but a core of the paper. The author needs to place there that information which will create the main focus of the critical thinking essay.

Besides, relevant thesis statements are important not only for the paper and its readers but also for the author. While making these sentences he or she creates the plan and main aims which must be achieved in the critical thinking essay. So on the further job, the author can use a thesis as a blueprint.

Write the Body Paragraph

Frankly speaking, the author can start from any part of the text: introduction, body, and even conclusion. But professional authors recommend starting with the main part because the introduction and the summary will totally depend on the content in the body.

So, the main part is exactly that place where the author should demonstrate skills in analyzing and logical thinking. He or she should pick up the thesis and explain its meaning in several sentences. The author should explain all thesis statements step by step. Note, that this part is considered to be the hardest one because of the task to make an in-depth analysis.

Analyze the Content

In general, there is no step when you need to analyze content. This is the long process that has no end in a critical thinking essay. It means that at the beginning of writing you collect arguments and facts, so in the main part of the text, you can explain the current situation in the field.

It is important! Critical thinking assignment totally means its title: the author uses his logic thinking and other skills to explain the reasons and consequences of the exact issue. As a result, your paper must contain both positive and negative sides, advantages and disadvantages, and so on.

Observe Different Points of View

Remember the rules: without a detailed description of the issue, you can't call your text to be a thought paper. It may be an essay, review, explanation, and so on, but will contain no signs of your skills in critical thinking. So in this paper, you are obligated to share different points of view.

It would be great if you can share controversial positions. For instance, the point of view of several scientists who have absolutely different positions and insist on own righteousness. If there is no controversial argument, you can share different explanations of one issue. For instance, if you explain the meaning of the term 'political culture', you are required to share several descriptions.

Check Contexts

This is one of the simplest and hardest steps at the same time. The point is the author is on the finish line because the main part of the critical thinking paper is done. But in real life, he may spend the same amount of time on making notes and corrections.

The reason is simple: your professor requires only high-quality content which has no place for mistakes and misprints. But being too tired and exhausted, most students always miss something. So they start to read the paper from the beginning and improve all weak sentences. Such revision has the same importance as the writing process.

Cope with Your Own Viewpoint

Critical essay is that kind of academic paper, which allows the author to share his own points of view. You may be used to avoid adding personal opinions in your other texts, but this situation differs from your previous tasks. You are able and required to provide your critical essay with own thoughts.

For this reason, the author needs to create an additional section or paragraph that will contain your findings. Of course, you are obligated to support own ideas with evidence and facts. Also, there is a strict rule in academic writing to avoid pronouns like 'me', 'I', 'my', and so on.

Write a Conclusion

The final word is the last part of your critical thinking assignment. This is a final paragraph where the author needs to evaluate his results according to the research he had done earlier. Note, that conclusion – is a short overview of the information you have presented in the main part. You are not allowed to add there anything new.

Your conclusions will take one or several paragraphs depending on the essay length. Place here your evidence and facts in a brief manner, so the reader can understand the topic and your general position without reading the full text. Keep the essay conclusion be relevant to the thesis statements.


Critical Thinking Essay Questions

Questions are a really useful tool during writing a critical thinking papers. Thanks to such simple writing elements you can get precious and inequilaterally information for your assignment. Also, these questions are great for students who want to improve own critical and analytical skills. Here are 6 main groups of questions to work with any content area.

Questions Start with “Who”

  1. Who will get advantages from this situation?
  2. Who will get disadvantages from this situation?
  3. Who is going to exercise judgment about the following question?
  4. Who will be the person with the maximum influence on this decision?
  5. Who is most interested in the exact problem?
  6. Who will be the key person in this situation?
  7. Who may have latent intentions about this issue?
  8. Who is the most important person to consult about this situation?
  9. Who has no interest in this issue?
  10. Who needs more information to make a decision on this issue?

Questions Start with “What”

  1. What are the main benefits of this event?
  2. What are the main disadvantages of the issue?
  3. What are additional perspectives in such a situation?
  4. What are the best alternative options?
  5. What is the main argument to discuss the problem?
  6. What are the main counter-arguments about this issue?
  7. What is the best scenario for this situation?
  8. What is the worst scenario?
  9. What is the most important thing about this issue?
  10. What can be done to get more advantages from the situation?

Questions Start with “Where”

  1. Where do people can use this information and knowledge in the real world?
  2. Where do people need this the most?
  3. Where do people need this the least?
  4. Where are the key things for improving?
  5. Where this point of view will lead humanity?
  6. Where people can find out more information about this issue?
  7. Where we can use the solution?
  8. Where we can use the results of it?
  9. Where people can find additional benefits of the issue?
  10. Where should we go to get professional help with it?

Questions Start with “When”

  1. When this situation is normal?
  2. When the issue is not acceptable?
  3. When people and society will achieve benefits from it?
  4. When people and society will get troubles with it?
  5. When we will understand we reached the successful results?
  6. When we should ask for help with it?
  7. When we will understand we have got all we could from it?
  8. When do we expect it to bring a positive result?
  9. When we should stop?
  10. When the issue will be not capable of being coped with something?

Questions Start with “Why”

  1. Why this issue requires investigation?
  2. Why it is important for people and society?
  3. Why does it mean a challenge?
  4. Why we faced with the best scenario?
  5. Why we faced with the worst scenario?
  6. Why this issue makes a huge influence on people?
  7. Why do people need to know more about it?
  8. Why the issue has such advantages?
  9. Why does the situation mean these disadvantages?
  10. Why it had happened?

Questions Start with “How”

  1. How this issue is connected to something else?
  2. How we can find out the truth about this situation?
  3. How we can make sure of the exact meaning of the problem?
  4. How does it positively influence other people?
  5. How does it negatively influence other people?
  6. How this issue can change people's lives?
  7. How we can use this situation to improve something?
  8. How this fact will help us in the future?
  9. How we can find out the truth about this problem?
  10. How to get all the benefits from the issue?
Format of your essay
  • icon 112-point Times New Roman
  • icon 20" between paragraphs
  • icon 31" margin all around
  • icon 40.5" first line of paragraph
icon 5double spaced (275 words/page) / single spaced (550 words/page)
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Critical Thinking Paper Tips from Tutors

  • Pick up a good topic. Of course, a professional writer can create critical paper examples for any subject and scientific area. But students have no such experience in academic papers and usually feel the lack of knowledge and skills. So keep your ideas interesting for yourself, professor, and scientific community. Make sure it is relevant to your task.
  • Always create thesis statements beforehand. Your critical thinking assignment will be based on these sentences. That's why it is better to spend some additional time on making a thesis and using them as a plan for writing. Experts recommend creating as more thesis as you can, so in the next stage, you can choose the best of the best.
  • Make an outline, even if this step is not required in your task assignment. This is a great step that will give your paper nothing, but the author can use it as a blueprint. Thanks to good outline you can perform your text in a comprehensive and logic manner, do not worry about missing an important part. Just keep writing and using all your knowledge.
  • Create your critical thinking essay according to the traditional structure. It means you need to perform an exciting introduction, interesting body, and a brief conclusion. Each section must be divided into several paragraphs with 2-5 sentences in each one. This is the common structure, which will suit your critical thinking assignment. Be sure, you can make some changes in the traditional structure, but in general, it should be relevant to traditional task requirements.
  • Keep the proper essay format.> The basic requirements of a critical essay are the same as for other academic papers. But there are also some unique particularities. For instance, the length of the critical thinking essay is much shorter than other papers. So make sure you can place all your evidence and points of view.
  • Allow your idea to flow in you. No matter the topic and subject, you should allow your creativity helping you in writing. Of course, spelling and grammar are essential, but not the most important on the preparation stage. Remember, that you need unique ideas in your critical thinking essay to impress readers and make your text exciting.
  • Make final revisions. Some weak sentences can spoil the general impression of the text. That's why the author is obligated to check the paper for mistakes and misprints on the last stage of writing a critical thinking essay. Additional advice: try to make a final revision in several days after the paper is done.

Critical Thinking Paper Topics

  1. The main differences between male and female communication.
  2. The author can use scientific publications of modern researchers who describe communication particularities of men and women. There are a lot of arguments in books, articles, and other sources for the essay.
  3. The usage of drugs in sport.
  4. This topic has a lot of arguments and counter-arguments for both positions pro and con, which may create comprehensive research for your essay and show the author's critical thinking skills to the full.
  5. The problem of homeless people.
  6. This is a very wide topic that includes the statistics, reasons, consequences, methods to improve the life of such people, etc. There are a lot of available resources to support your point of view describing this social topic.
  7. The graffiti on the streets.
  8. The author can explain its origin, benefits, and disadvantages. He or she can also explain own point of view, but it's an essential rule to share all facts with a neutral position in the text.
  9. The influence of the body-positive movement.
  10. This is a very modern and actual topic, that has all the reasons to be well-accepted in all situations. It doesn't have a right or wrong conclusion, so the author only needs to gather controversial arguments.
  11. Adoption in the LGBT family.
  12. If you want to write a critical thinking essay for a really divisive issue, this is one of the most proper topics. Just make sure to provide your text with critical arguments.
  13. The feminism in the modern world.
  14. In case the serious growth of the gender role changing, this topic is very wide and important. The author can explain the role of women and men in modern society and the reasons for gender deformation.
  15. The consequences of the single-parent family.
  16. As a result of different changes in the society, the amount of single parents grows. That's why it becomes an important topic for discussion in the scientific community and critical essays.
  17. The influence of the exact movie or TV-shows.
  18. Such content influences people's behavior and experience so it makes an essential impact on the role model for men and women. Such a topic has a great base for developing controversial arguments.
  19. The background of the exact book and author.
  20. The writer can discuss not only the storyline of a novel but also the author's personality and intentions. This is an exciting approach to study literature and arts for students.
  21. The story of a character in a book or movie.
  22. The author can use available information about the storyline and characters and describe the way of his or her evaluation. This is an excellent approach to discuss the meaning of the characters.
  23. The role of irony and sarcasm.
  24. These elements are one of the most popular literature tools, but not everyone is able to work with irony and sarcasm. Explain its meaning with different stories.
  25. The description of the most important dialog in the movie.
  26. Such a topic is very wide and allows choosing any movie and its part for writing. The author needs to share the meaning of each phrase and the conversion for the storyline in general.
  27. The poem with hidden sense.
  28. As previous critical thinking paper topics, this one also allows choosing the poem according to the author's taste. The task is the same: to describe its meaning and own opinion about its sense.
  29. The particularities of Tarantino style.
  30. This topic is an option of essay for a real fan of the Tarantino style in making movies. But besides all facts, the author must keep a neutral position and explain both the negative and positive sides of such art.
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Critical Thinking Essay Example

The topic: The influence of Henry David Thoreau works on political science

If we need to mention someone with a serious influence on the political culture of the USA, the name of Thoreau will appear to our minds. He is an important figure in the American Transcendental movement and the evaluation of the government.

What is the Transcendental movement?

The main ideas of this movement are based on the equality of people in social meaning, the idea of the mental self-development, the close position to nature. Henry David Thoreau belongs to the group of scientists and philosophers who have been defeating the ideas of Transcendental movement. That's why his personality and scientific treatise are so important for social and political science.

Thoreau decided to check the ideas of the Transcendental movement by living his life according to its ideas. This approach was quite new but very important for the political culture of the American story.

The focus of Thoreau's work was in the nature observation. Thanks to such an approach he preferred to criticize the society and personalities of its elements. That's why he had a lot of works about flora and fauna.

Sometimes Thoreau is called to be an anarchist. He insisted that people who refuse to follow the government orders aspire to get more professional and smart government. It means that citizens require good, but not ordinary official representatives.

As a result, Henry David Thoreau is known as a person with a great contribution to history and philosophy. His literary style was focused on nature observation, the real experience, and historical changes. That's why he had made a great impact on political science in the USA.


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